Universities are institutions that provide a scholastic education to privileged adults (mostly men) beyond grammar school. They have technically been around for quite some time and are now gaining popularity in England. Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Seven Liberal Arts are central to a university’s curriculum and divided into two groups:

  • Trivium: grammar, rhetoric and logic
  • Quadrivium: math, music, astronomy and geometry

Students who studied in the more difficult group, quadrivium, can earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree if they graduate. Dropout rates are pretty high right now!

2. Want to become a teacher at a university? Earn a degree and you can teach the classes you passed; but don’t try to show up to work with a fake one. Universities are keeping track of who actually earned their degrees by taking attendance and marking students’ progress through graduation ceremonies.

3. Resources are limited in most universities, so there’s usually no textbooks to buy (yay?). Be sure to take good notes during your teacher’s lectures because you won’t have a book to cram with for finals!

So what do you think about universities? Are you thinking about enrolling? Let us know in the comments!

Lectures at Oxford University began during the Anglo-Norman period. Click here to read about the history of Oxford University