Jeo crei en Dieu, tuit puissaunt Pere qe cria ciel e tere,

E qe Jhesu nostre Sire est un soul Fiz au puissaunt Pere,

Qe conseu fust del Seint Espirit, e de la Virgine Marie ne,

Peine e passioun suffri pur nous, e en la croiz fu attache.

Mort estoit e enseveli e en le sepulchre reposa,

En enferns descendist, le tierce jour releva,

Le ciel mounta ou siet a destre Dieu sun Pere tut puissaunt,

De illuc vendra pur juger mortz e vifs, petitz e grantz.

Jeo crei ausi en le Seint Espirit e tut la seinte cristienete,

Le sacrementz de seint eglise, e pardoun aver de pecchhe,

Qu tuz releverunt a drein jour e serrunt lors juge,

E la vie pardurable qe Dieu nous graunt par sa pite.



I believe in God the almighty Father that created heaven and earth; and I believe that Jesus our Lord is the only Son of the almighty Father, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary, suffering passion and agony for us, nailed to the cross.

Dead He was and buried, and laid to rest in the tomb. He descended into hell and rose again on the third day. He ascended to heaven, where now He sits at the right hand of God his almighty Father; from thence will he come to judge both quick and dead, both great and small.

I also believe in the Holy Spirit and the Holy Christian faith, in the sacraments of Holy Church and in the forgiveness of sin; I believe that all will rise on Judgement Day, then to be judged, and I believe in the eternal life that God grants us in his mercy.


Please Brothers and Sisters, know the Creed of our faith; It is the declaration of our beliefs and tells the story of our Lord.

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