The following collection of proverbs represent Anglo-Norman cultural views on life. Many of them are inspired by the Old Testament and folklore.

  1. Ausi bien sunt amorettes souz bureau souz brunetes.

  2. Asssez otreye qui mot ne sone.

  3. A voyde mayn, voyde priere.

  4. Bien ayme le roy qui ayme sa loy.

  5. Desouz graunt seignour receit um grosse colee.

  6. En yver plut par tut, en este la ou Diex vut.

  7. Feme bien vestue sovent saut en rue.

  8. Femme rien eyme si ele ne gayne.

  9. Fol ne creyt si yl ne receyt.

  10. Homme mort n’a amy.

  11. Il deyt ben beyre ordure qy en son puys la fet.

  12. Il n’est si chaud qe ne refreyde.

  13. Le cry pent le laron.

  14. Le derreyn coup abate l’arbre.

  15. L’en ne deyt pas achater chat en saac.

  16. Meus vaut nature qe noreture.

  17. Meuz vaut bon atente ke fole haste.

  18. Pur neent vayt a consel qy conseyl ne veut crere.

  19. Quy folye dyt, folye veut oyer.

  20. Tel cuide eyder qe nuist.


  1. A loving girl is just as sweet whether she’s poorly dressed or neat.

  2. Silence is a costly way of saying “yes.”

  3. Empty words go with empty hands.

  4. He loves his liege the more who love his liege’s law.

  5. The greatest lord in all the land also has the heaviest hand.

  6. In winter, rain falls on all lands; in summer as the Lord commands.

  7. A woman dressed a treat is quickly on the street.

  8. Respect? A woman hasn’t any, unless she stands to gain a penny.

  9. He who is ever demanding proof is proving himself a fool.

  10. “De mortuis non nisi…malum.”

  11. He who shits into his well deserves to drink shit, truth to tell.

  12. Nothing is so hot that it won’t get cold.

  13. A thief with a loose mouth soon has a tight neck.

  14. The last straw breaks the camel’s back.

  15. Never buy a pig in a poke.

  16. Life teaches more than any book.

  17. Look before you leap.

  18. If you reject advice, why seek it?

  19. Ask a silly question…

  20. He who lends a helping arm often causes far more harm.