Hello Head Coverings!

A cute head covering is perfect for Christian women because it represents holiness and purity. Never leave your home without one!

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Layers, Layers, Layers!

To be a true fashionista, your to-go outfit should consist of AT LEAST three layers: an under dress, an outer dress and a cloak. Our style experts at AN Times recommend using linen for your undergarments and wool for the outers. Want a fancier look? Use silk, satin or fur for your outerwear.

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Remember your class!

If you want to wear embroidery that incites envy, remember that lower class women wear embroidery at the neck and cuffs of their clothing, while upper class women wear there’s at the neck, cuffs AND hem. Whatever material you choose to use for your embroidery (wool or silk) be sure it matches the material of the cloth it’s on and that the colors contrast. Speaking of colors…

Upper class women typically wear brighter colors and lower class ladies like to keep it plain and dark.

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Our style experts want to ask: What fabric do you prefer for your clothing? Wool? Silk? Fur? Satin? Let us know!